Like cheese, #CheeseSolidarity is a living thing. I coined the phrase a couple of years ago, tweeting the hashtag as an attempt to describe my experience, keen to connect with others experiencing it too. Whatever you want to call it, I feel #CheeseSolidarity is more than just a mission statement. I’m convinced there is an energy at play that put’s cheese unity in the community.

#CheeseSolidarity is not intended as the voice of ego; there’s no ‘I’ in ‘Cheese’. Self promotion makes the concept impotent.

#CheeseSolidarity is a consciousness not of A and, separately, of B and, separately, of C; #CheeseSolidarity is A-and-B-and-C together, as the contents of a single conscious state. Nobody puts #CheeseSolidarity in a corner.

This could be the #CheeseSolidarity theme song, vid by the very talented @notamyliu

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