To this end, I ask those interested to join Biddy in this petition.

Biddy has launched a petition to seek a much fairer way of apportioning costs for all small scale artisan NZ cheesemakers. Biddy is no stranger to championing the little cheese folks in NZ.


Biddy recently made a submission on the recent public MPI consultation regarding annual levies for small production artisan cheesemakers.  MPI came up with a new lower  of 16,500 kg of milk solids, an improvement on the previous lower level of 316,000. Cwmglyn Farmhouse Cheese last financial year produced 1200 kg of milk solids.

Biddy is suggesting the lowest fee payable ($465) multiplied by the actual milk solids produced by the cheesemaker, divided by the lowest level set by MPI.  in Biddy’s case the formula would look like this:

465 X 1200


16500        = 33.80  and GST on this is $5.96 giving a total of $39.76.

Biddy is more than happy to pay MPI an annual levy of $39.76 as this would be a fair calculation of the levy payable of her actual raw milk solids collected than paying a levy based on raw milk solids of 16,500 kg. Biddy’s petition can be viewed and signed online here. To this end, I ask those interested to join Biddy in this petition. #CheeseSolidarity

biddy petition

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