Never envy a man his cheese.

This week Miel Meyer, the chairman of the New Zealand Specialist Cheesemakers Association & the face of the Meyer Gouda Cheese company, appeared on the Paul Henry Show to give his ‘Cheese man’s choices for a spread’. It’s only 3mins but it got my goat.

the miel2

Paul’s brief to Miel was to select ‘the perfect cheese board’, a cheese platter to envy. Miel selected the below, which included his own cheese – cheeky as Paul put it.

the miel

Now I doubt Miel actually selected these, apart from his own cheese that is. I suspect the studio acted last minute and popped down the supermarket and grabbed anything New Zealandy off the shelf for this segment, then spun it as the Chairman of the NZSCA’s choices. Watching the segment, Miel looked as surprised as me at his selections.

The NZSCA celebrate and showcase their own medal system for NZ cheese champions. Its an expensive exercise for folks looking for cheese glory. So it didn’t go unnoticed that no 2015 Category Champions or even the 2015 Champion of Champions was afforded another 3mins of fame here in this ‘cheese platter to envy’.

After the live broadcast, these ‘Top NZ Cheese’ tweets popped out to over 10,000 of Paul Henry’s followers…

the miel3   the miel4

the miel5  the miel6

Pretty weird huh. A bit of a bummer for NZ cheese in my opinion.  Being at the coal face of trade and retail cheese sales I can comfortably say I don’t envy this cheese selection at all. And from what I’ve heard, neither does anyone else.  Especially given its now the peak of the NZ farm cheese season.

If there is ever another opportunity to chat cheese on The Paul Henry Show, I hope someone does their homework and talks and tastes with an independent cheesemonger about whats tasting good in New Zealand cheese. There is such a breadth of cheese available now to properly pimp out your platter!

Don’t delay, visit your cheesemonger today.


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3 Responses to Never envy a man his cheese.

  1. annasalts says:

    What a wasted opportunity to showcase the few really interesting cheeses NZ is producing

  2. Lucy says:

    Not wanting to diss any Kiwi cheese, but what a shame this wasn’t a chance to showcase small-scale cheese and a chance to encourage people to go to cheese mongers and makers as well as supermarkets.

  3. As a small scale cheesemaker myself with a limited production of traditional farmhouse cheese from my 4 lovely & delightful Jersey cows, I entirely agree with the previous replies. Go visit your local cheesemonger and buy some real cheese and keep limited production artisan cheesemakers in business. Don’t get me started on the topic of Food Safety regulations geared for the big boys who sell bits of prettily plastic packaged cheese in supermarkets, which seems the surprising choice for the chairman of the Specialist Cheesemakers Association……

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