#CheeseSolidarity in Eketahuna

It all started on one of the regular phone chats with Biddy while on my commute home; the return of a grassroots cheese event in provincial NZ, like they did in the good old days. The idea was to host a fun forum to highlight the expensive regulatory hoops NZ cheesemakers currently navigate in their pursuit to create a traditional dairy foodstuff. The timing of the #NZcheeseMonth seemed a good opportunity to ‘have a go’. So here we are.


Biddy is a NZ cheesemaking legend. She describes herself as a ‘late developing geriatric peasant’, working with her girls Dizzy, Holly, Isobel & Patsy to produce a talisman of their adventures.

Volunteers and offers of help have snowballed. This is a not for profit gig. This event has evolved it’s own mojo and positive energy with the shared goal of real NZ cheese run and managed by NZ cheese people. Where there is a will there is whey. Its a refreshing antidote to the other events on the NZ cheese calendar.

Details of the pop-up are here at Cwmglyn Farm. If you can’t make it – like me – a share of this post would help the promise of a vibrant sustainable future for small scale New Zealand farm cheesemakers.

biddy etiquette


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One Response to #CheeseSolidarity in Eketahuna

  1. We had a very successful and enjoyable day at the Eketahuna Cheese Fest. With some 41 participants (not counting the 10 or so helpers or presenters).We had people from Masterton, Woodville, Upper Hutt, Eltham (Taranaki), Featherston, Martinborough, Pohangina, Palmerston North, New Plymouth, Napier, Wellington and Eketahuna & one member of Parliament (Steffan Browning, Green Party). Many commented on the friendly, welcoming, country atmosphere and how much they had enjoyed it and how interesting they found it. Sally Johnson from MPI coped very well with her grilling and it was probably quite unnerving for her to have such a well informed, articulate, knowledgeable (on cheese matters) audience, who were determined to stand their ground. She only got to about slide 3 of her presentation before requests for specific information came from the floor. MilkTestNZ gave us a present of a box of stress cows which we distributed and were used with great effect. One participant caused the stress cow to have a stress neck fracture as she listened to the MPI speaker and tried to keep calm.
    Beautiful and tasty sandwiches & cakes were kindly donated by Martin & Ari Chait of Dixon Street Deli, Wellington, and personally delivered by Peter Fraser. Other superb baking treats were supplied by Lucy Hoffman’s friend Kate, who donned her professional apron and kept everyone supplied with refreshments all day. Steven from ON TRAYS, Petone and Jill Walcroft of Cartwheel Creamery had a splendid array of cheese, There were displays of cheese gear, old and new and altogether it was a great day out, with requests that we do it again…….. Wellington participants couldn’t get over how clean, tidy and well appointed the Eketahuna Community hall kitchen was. But Eketahuna residents would expect nothing less!

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