Cinematic #CheeseSolidarity

Once upon a time I was a little bit of a film nerd, digesting all the good stuff that would never get shown on the big screens here in little young New Zealand. When I travelled I hunted these down and displayed them as my treasured trophies. While I’ve still own an eclectic collection of films, collecting & curating cheese is now my grown up prey.

Will Studd recently visited to film New Zealand cheesemakers for a New Zealand episode for his show Cheese Slices. I was delighted to help his team with making connections with the cheesemakers who were filmed and giving info on the lay of the land over here. I’m looking forward to seeing this when it’s released!

The films I’d love to have as part of my collection and share with a wider audience on the big screen.


Les chèvres de ma mere a film by Sophie Audier. The story of Maguy a cheesemaker of 40 years on an isolated plateau the Gorges du Verdon. Retiring Soon, she must give up her herd. She decides to sponsor a young farmer who wishes to move. Can we still transmit the taste of freedom?


Karls Käs a film by Martin Kilger, The story of the life of artist and musician Karl Gehring, a mountain cheesemaker from the Kappeler Alp in the Allgäu. His love of nature, his respect for lifeit’s about much more than just cheese, “It’s not the minute it has to fit”.


The Moo Man a film by Trufflepig Films. Filmed over four years on the marshes of the Pevensey Levels, a story of farmer Stephen Hook trying to save his family farm. Stephen  decides to turn his back on the cost cutting dairies and supermarkets, and instead stay small and keep his close relationship with the herd. However his plans to save the farm do not always go down well with his 55 spirited cows.


Die Käsemacher a film by Sarah Fasolin. The camera accompanies the cheesemakers for the summer; some seek solitude in the mountains while others had no idea what the Alp had in store for them. Farmers also have their say. They explain why they no longer manage the Alp itself. And they describe the changes that make them trouble. It leads to misunderstandings, to moments of happiness in the barn and in the cheese cellar. To tears of sadness. And to disputes over wages and leisure. Will the Summer end harmoniously? A documentary about the clash of two worlds.


Raclette Kirghiz by Sandra Hebler. The Kyrgyz nomadic tradition, have never learned to make cheese. During a trip to Kyrgyzstan a Swiss woman is sought on several occasions by shepherds who want to learn the basics of manufacturing. From Switzerland, Marlène Galletti travels to the mountains of Kirghizistan to go pass this knowledgeThe film explores the pastures of Kyrgyzstan in the chain of Tian Cian on the border of China, at 2800 metres, to see how to turn milk into cheese, in a yurt. AWESOME. Full feature available to view here.



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