The Last Shepherd

Renato Zucchelli is the last pastor left in a metropolis. He has a dream: to bring his flock to the inaccessible center of the city to meet the children who have never seen his sheep, showing them that freedom and dreams will always be possible until there is space to believe in a last shepherd … who conquered the city with his flock and by the sheer force of his imagination.

Renato Zucchelli and others like him are not a fairy tale. (Renato is a genuine shepherd) They are the last shepherds, who continue to move their flocks among residential neighborhoods, cement, concrete mixers and palaces. This transhumance is a way of life in danger of extinction.

TRAILER: ‘El último pastor’ a film by Marcus Bonfanti an extraordinary document about those unsung warriors, of the lonely days living at the indifference of mankind.





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