Cheesemonger photoshoot

Cheese folks getting their their kit off sells cheese. The annual efforts of the From’ Girls are perhaps the most appreciated form of this art. I stumbled into the lads equivalent…

PS. While I love getting my kit off, I was clothed for my photoshoot. I’d rather folks taste the cheese.


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Put it in my belly, especially if it's smelly.
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9 Responses to Cheesemonger photoshoot

  1. annasalts says:

    wooah! not sure I’m into this – all it needs is a pair of provolone and It leaves nothing to the imagination

  2. gordonedgar says:


  3. Sarah D says:

    Shouldn’t they all be wearing little pube-nets?

  4. Lucy says:

    Where are the sheep? Or would that be going too far…

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  6. BritishCheeseEmporium says:

    Oh, my eyes, my eyes!!

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  8. While I appreciate the spirit of the thing, they might do well to use male models rather than actual cheese makers! (From’Girls are a tad better looking.)

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