Wietkaas – The Cannabis Cheese

Unlike the hemp cheeses on the market, Wietkaas is very much a psychoactive cheese. Far from being passe, it is a traditional Dutch delicacy where visitors have a chance to experience Holland in one bite. Each raw milk 500gm cheese contains 5 grams of marijuana and is therefore legal within the Dutch borders.

Caution! Wietkaas contains drugs.

Be careful with consuming our cheese. Please do not eat too much at once, and eat it only at special occasions. Ask for help if your consumption becomes fanatic.

Eating a Wietkaas is not the same as smoking a joint. Wietkaas takes much longer for the effect to come, maybe even more than an hour, that varies by person, but it’s effects are way harder.

When smoking a joint, 80% of the THC (the active ingredient) gets lost, when eating our cheese, every bit of THC is absorbed by the body. Too much cheese may cause a tedious trip, and that is not our intention.


About Curd Nerd

Put it in my belly, especially if it's smelly.
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One Response to Wietkaas – The Cannabis Cheese

  1. Fascinating! Might have known it would be the Dutch 😉

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