Mile High Cheese Club

I’ve been researching what cheese plates are available to folks travelling at 30,000 feet.

I’ve only ever flown first class once, in a private jet from Oxford UK to the Salon del Gusto. Believe it or not, it was a trip in the company jet to source new cheeses for my then employer Daylesford Organic. This little chesdale boy from Noo Zeeland could not believe his luck. The plane even had a butler. No shit. Spent the arvo having beers & trying to get cheesemaker James McCall to taste all the freaky slow food presidia cheeses, with Graukase and Cheese In A Sack personal faves. Returned to London in the eve with crazy cheese and tall tales – this in flight cheese plate was epic.

Now I’m prob never gonna fly first class again, I know my station in life. Which is a pity, cause the cool cheeses sadly are not ‘really’ offered in cattle class. Still, many airlines appear to be offering their passengers a choice of cheese with staff cutting to order in front of them, while some airlines continue with bulk ultrasonic sliced packaged product – those ultrasonic slicers are hypnotic.

Almost every airline cheese plate has grapes on it. WTF? They are the fruity crutch. Let the cheese walk!

I reckon Lufthansa, Emirates, Thai Airways, British Airways & Swiss International Air have good cheese plates, but I’m most curious about the plates offered by Asiana & Japan Airlines.  I’ve found my airline cheese plate googling results pretty fascinating, and predictably got carried away collecting and posting them on my pinterest here: Airline Cheese Plates.

30 cheeses are selected by the British Airways ‘cheese master’ then four make it past the British Airways panel to get on the plane:


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5 Responses to Mile High Cheese Club

  1. Lawrence B says:

    Awesome dude. I am also from lil old Noo Zealand. LOL
    Great blog which I stumbled on while looking for a couple of wine blogs as I am now starting to make my own wine.
    It never ends – I guess making cheese will be the next step so I will have to contact my mates in Putaruru who own and run “Over the Moon” cheese-making school.
    Keep up the good work with the cool blog. Have bookmarked to see if you get to fly like the rest of us plebs one day!

  2. I wonder, is there anything to stop us from bringing our own selection of fine cheeses and having our own potluck cheese party in cattle class?

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