From Hokkaidō with cheese.

‘Remember – avoid the meadow’

My kindly mule delivered cheeses from Hokkaidō for me. I’m fascinated with Japanese cheese culture, and this was my first experience tasting Japanese cheeses. They tasted nothing like the cheese aliens that terrorize people in Japanese commercials, or fondue doritos, although I’ve not sampled their canned camembert yet. I have time, it has a shelf life until 2025. My Mule said most artisanal Japanese cheeses are sold in souvenir stores, while their cheese shops retail the imported stuff. Sounds familiar aye NZ.

Above (left to right) A potent little cheese from Handa Farm, Okoppe Daichi (おこっぺ大地), a mild washed rind made by Tomita Farm Cheese Factory, and a very ripe brie from Tokachino Fromage, a fun cheese board indeed.

Above: My batch of Japanese miso camembert was pretty funky – ie. not flash – and has now transcended into a magic potion. Fortunately the Yutaka’s Wa Cheese, with mountain wasabi flavouring was awesome. It’s from a town called Ikeda in Tokachi, it looks super processed and tasted great.

Above: Cool packaging & cute little (tomato shown for scale) 9ogm raw milk ‘white blue’ cheese (ホワイトブルーチーズ生タイプ) by Toit Vert, reminded me of a really ripe Tunworth.

All above cheeses were consumed over a month – I have a 5 month girl old to parent! At time of writing this, I’m tasting the below Japanese raclette, and it’s fucking awesome. Which is a relief, it’s called Tom Handa (トムハンダ), a semi-hard cheese that won the special award at the all Japan Natural Cheese Contest. Respect Japan, well played!

Very keen to watch the above cream cheese, camembert, blue cheese & mozzarella challenge in Japan’s @ironchef_Staff kitchen stadium.


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3 Responses to From Hokkaidō with cheese.

  1. dccheese says:

    Camembert in a can? Intriguing. I’m impressed by the array of styles. I’ve had a wasabi chèvre here in the US, but never a miso cheese.

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