The revolution will not be pasteurised

Ok I’m getting ahead of myself, but I reckon this revolution needs a cool phone App, maybe even something like Untappd, a place where milk geeks can post what milk they’re drinking, from what herd, and location etc… Technology eh, taking the consumer to the farmgate and beyond.

I lost my raw milk vending machine viginity at Slow Cheese Bra in 2009, just as the technology was starting to proliferate across Europe. Since then, I’ve remained confident NZ and it’s 5.5 million cows would come to the party. With demand for real milk continuing to exceed supply, participating kiwi farmers are really (milk)shaking the milk market up.

I want Village Milk in my village. Now offering raw milk vending machine franchises to farmers across the country, I just might get lucky. Register your interest for real milk available via vending machine in your area, visit Village Milk.

Click here for @RadioNewZealand mp3 story about Village Milk.


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2 Responses to The revolution will not be pasteurised

  1. Rob says:

    Would be great to have on in the Rodney District somewhere. If only we were still milking I would have been keen to install one. Raw milk is where it is at.

  2. Mary says:

    Also had the opportunity to raw milk from the machine at Eataly (Torino) in 2009 and then, went in search of the same at Slow Cheese 2011. Drinking is one thing, but if you make your own mozzarella or cooked curd cheeses, there’s no comparison. Lucky Kiwis! There’s poor chance of raw milk sales happening here in Canada for the general public, but shhhh, sheep’s milk has so far eluded the long arm of the federal and provincial food regulatory bodies and since it is close in composition to water buffalo milk, I’ll have to okay with that for now.

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