Strong Cheese

Tis the time of year to be getting my Getafix hat on making magic potions of strong cheese. With old cheese, alcohol and spices as core ingredients, their end result and compostition can be highly variable – yielding different magical properties to the end user. Revisiting the classic la fougne scene from Les Bronzés Font Du Ski has rekindled my fromage fort fiddlings.

La Fougne ingredients:

Remains of old cheese

Brandy or/and white wine – Absinthe if you have it

Vinegar, Garlic

A little oil (or better: melted fat rind or lard )

 Salt, pepper, leek broth, dried grapes, nutmeg, thyme.

Why I don’t have a deep fat fryer…


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Put it in my belly, especially if it's smelly.
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