NZ and Bruny Island Cheese tasting

Expressions of interest welcome, must BYO beer.

Date/Venue/etc: TBC

@gruffjunction Darfield – a soft white-mould pyramid goat cheese available during the milking season. I think mine is one the last of this years NZ Cheese Awards champions limited edition, a worthy Champion Original Cheese award winner. I’m keen as to visit the farm.

Kingsmeade Cheese Tinui Blue – ewes milk blue from the Wairarapa. NZ has grown herds for meat & wool for generations, yet only handful of pioneers miking them too. Janet and Miles King are kiwi cheese pioneers, listening to their cheese story is really inspirational.

Clevedon Valley Buffalo Company Aged Buffalo Gouda – So pleased the farm continues to receive accolades for their products, they bloody deserve it. I kinda groupie stalked the Dorresteyn’s while I was overseas with a series of ‘your fucking awesome love your work’ emails. Exciting now herd has grown so more potential for new products.

Mahoe Cheese Mahoe Cardoon – One from a batch I ‘helped’ Jesse make when I visited the farm in Feb with a box of craft beer. I’ve washed and matured this at home, an integral part of my cardoon chronology.

Bruny Island Cheese Co Saint, Bastard and C2 – The arrival of Tasmania’s @BRUNYCHEESE via @thecheesemonger muled to @mmmcheeseplease c/o @innovpkg then again muled to me in Dorkland c/o @innovpkg is a great example of #CheeseSolidarity in action. @BRUNYCHEESE sent me some of his stuff a while back when @Philanthr0pist was a child, it’s a team effort these cheeses are here in NZ.


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