America on the Menu

Sat 12.05.12 I hosted a tasting at my place of American cheeses selected by @LucysWhey mongers and muled to NZ c/o @BeerMule

Tasting was open to anyone who expressed an interest and would bring beer – I like random – tweeting for expression of interest RSVPs. Turned out it was a number of @soba_auckland members who tweeted back and attended.

NZ take note: majority of American cheeses muled here were raw and animal rennet. I anticipate more American cheese will soon be coming to these shores for all to purchase and taste.

I won’t bore you with tasting notes, you’ll have to attend the next one to make your own – details to come for next tasting of cheeses muled from @BRUNYCHEESE c/o @mmmcheeseplease – bring beer. 🙂

American cheese tasted (with assorted donated beers): 

 Jasper Hill Weybridge

Roelli Dunbarton Blue (the top pick of the day!)

Finger Lakes Farmstead  Bier Meck

Spring Brook Farm Tarentaise

Meadow Creek Dairy  Appalachian

LaClare Farms Evalon

Keeleys Cheese Across the Pond


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