Open a Can of Whoop Ass Mr Cheese™

I’ve been feeling arty again. The work of Cosimo Cavallaro spraying cheese all over Twiggy has inspired me. Cheese is my muse and will be my medium, pending a few demand and supply issues.

In 2009 New Zealand had a go at it’s first cheese analogue in an aerosol: Tatua Mr Cheese™. Up against a host of processed usual suspects in the aisles, Mr Cheese™ had aerosol street cred cool. ‘Only in America’ had arrived in little young NZ. We had processed crap like the American TV on our screens. This was cool.

However, this convenient cheese snack failed to find it’s place with all the other processed treats in kiwi household pantries. A shit TV promo & Paul Henry twisting in the bad nutrition knife opened a can of whoop ass on Mr Cheese™.  Not even it’s 12 month shelf life could ride it out. No longer manufactured, maybe we’re ready for another crack at it. Bring back Mr Cheese™?

For now, once again it’s America to my aerosol cheese rescue, in the shape of Marthas Backyard the only supplier of Kraft Easy Cheese in NZ that I’ve found. I’ll build my aerosol cheese art portfolio, starting with a self portrait. 🙂


About Curd Nerd

Put it in my belly, especially if it's smelly.
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