One batch to rule them all

‘One batch to rule them all, One judge to find them, One cheesemaker to make them all,     And then the public buy them.’ – @CurdNerd

Judging a cheese is easy. Selecting a cheese for judging is crazy. One batch of cheese to be ironed by white coats, giving a small insight into the spectrum where that cheese resides, whatever judging decision is made representing to the consumer all the cheeses made on behalf of that cheesemaker from that one location and herd for that year. It’s NZ CheeseFest time again and they’re endeavouring to declare just that.


Customers ultimately are best judge of a cheese. Some cheesemongers will have a tendency to wax lyrical on the anecdotal evidence of a cheese. In my view telling tales is not good mongering. However curious and ideological the story is, it’s tasteless. Cut to the chase and ask what’s tasting best. With any batch made throughout year presenting different nuances of taste, this is a real customer conversation that can be enjoyed time and time again. 

With ‘suitable’ wardrobe I attended the gala dinner to hear this years winners announced, @CustardSquare insisted I not work the room dressed in my usual bogan threads. Lot’s of familiar faces in the room enjoying the benefits of the @LanghamAuckland bar, and some looking as self-conscious as me in their formal attire. Great to see my friend in #CheeseSolidarity @mmmcheeseplease again, and a wonderful surprise to share beers with Jacob Rosevear and his wife before kick off, with the climax of the evening explaining why he was not back at the farm.

2012 aesthetic and technical judges chose their champions here


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