My Cardoon Chronology

Continuing on where last years ‘If friends were flowers, I’d pick you’ trailed off, this season I had my cardoons selected and couriered to me by @BestBlooms. Yeah I bought an ‘invasive weed’ – my garden too small to cultivate them myself. No luck either finding any that had not already been sprayed with herbicide. At NZ$4 a stem, cardoons arrived just starting to flower, with a delicious sweet honey scent, a very enjoyable and fascinating flower to have in the house. Cardoons are available commercially at the market for  about 2 weeks, with limited demand for them @BestBlooms kindly scoured the market for me.

Flowers arrived first week of 2012. All stems opened after a week. Stems dried upside down in dark shed for 2 weeks. Picked 90gm of stamen from 16 cardoon, enough to set 240L of milk. Now we start coagulating… below is my cardoon chronology.



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