Grilled cheese if you please

I work so very hard all day long.
I start to dream of you before I get home.
Grilled Cheese…
I hope you’re ready.
Cause we got a date.
I just can’t wait to get home and put you on my plate.
Grilled Cheese… Sandwich…
The butter will start melting when I light the flame.
Cause the butter and the cheese are gonna play a little game.
It’s called melting…
On the bread.
Don’t need a burger, don’t need no shake.
I’ll laugh in ya face if you offer me cake.
Don’t waste my time with ya brussel sprouts.
If you make me a steak, I’ll just throw it out.
I want a Grilled Cheese…
(Grilled Cheese)
Not a BLT…
(Grilled Cheese)

Are ya following me?
(Grilled Cheese)
I love more than any other.
I think I’m gonna make another.
Grilled, grilled, grilled Cheese,
If you please.


About Curd Nerd

Put it in my belly, especially if it's smelly.
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