Grammatically speaking

One to chew on over the Christmas cheese board…

Philanthr0pist is now a year old, hanging out in the Murrays Cheese caves. Peeps have been following this story and asking for updates about “him”. Philanthr0pist has a penis? The majority of cheese folk seem to think so, with no one implying a female gender. Not too weird I guess, seems numbers have genitalia too – number six has always been well endowed for me.

My cheese label collection refers to a host of interpretations; Kings, Princes, Queens, Princesses, Knights, Dames, etc… I’m curious if there could be a consensus on the use of grammatical gender for certain cheeses?

‘How does our language shape the way we think?’ by Lera Boroditsky and the ‘Grammar of Beer and Cheese’ by Mario D’Eer are fun reads on the question. A penny for your thoughts. Merry Christmas.


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One Response to Grammatically speaking

  1. Thanks for the post. I think it is interesting the way our language frames the way that we think. Precisely, my PhD dissertation is on this topic and indigenous peoples, but before I bore everyone with my discursive analysis of indigeneity. I think the issue of acculturation and translation are important as well. For example, take this issue. I am a native Spanish speaker where cheese (queso) is masculine and beer (cerveza) is feminine. However, in the US beer is always masculine and therefore when my brain switches to English, I think of beer as male instead of female. This is important to keep in mind when we are teaching about gastronomic cultures of the world, as many times cultural references in the original language are defined with an understanding of the language at hand. Therefore the explanations about how we are supposed to eat, enjoy or talk about cheese and beer depend solely on an understanding of how to speak about them, not only gender, but also as desserts, proteins, full meals, table cheeses vs cooking dishes, and vice.
    Philantrophist may be male or female, but for sure it will be a good cheese after so much care. Happy holidays.

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