It’ll all come out in the wash.

Been playing megalomoniac with cheese & a wash of beer. With suitable temperature & humidity my omnipotence of affinage is rewarded with a devoted following of flora & fauna. Yep, I’m developing a Messiah complex.

In a former life I would wash Cardo & St James cheeses at NYD, and William Oglethorpes ‘The world is like a washed rind’ philosophy was the conversation:

All life worships the wash. Take our planet, or washed rind. We’re covered in 71% of water, in a constant water cycle of washing via evapotranspiration, precipitation & runoff. The earliest forms of life appeared in water and evolved from the water to the land, & with water could proliferate, photosynthesize and respire.

I’m a devotee of the above – with a pint in his hand.

I like a 90-95% RH & 10-12 °C. Wine fridges are very posh – and expensive, which I’m not. Plenty of vivarium ceramic bulbs and ukulele humidifiers in the world to pimp. Below is my current home set up of R2D2 DIY : a digital temp controller, an old fridge, a pond fogger, a 24 hour timer to toggle pond fogger, temp and hygrometer display, water in the vegetable crisper. Sweet as.

@EpicBeer  have kindly donated a few bottles for washing experiments, if you’d like to do the same that would be choice.


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Put it in my belly, especially if it's smelly.
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