Cheese ♥ Onion

Jennifer Aniston said ‘The best smell in the world is that man that you love.’ Pretty cheesy huh… the white coats of @FirmenichFlavor agree… they reckon men smell of cheese, and women of onion.

Many times @CustardSquare has told me I stink, now I’m armed with a fun foodie rebuttal – the smell produced from women’s armpits was found to be more unpleasant. Can’t say I’ve noticed.

The ‘savory expertise’ of scientists @FirmenichFlavor, a company in Geneva that create perfumes and flavors,  analysed sweaty post sauna and exercise bike samples from the armpit’s of 24 men and 25 women – who live in Switzerland – the kingdom of mountain cheese, multi winners of many a Mountain Cheese Olympics. No surprises then.



About Curd Nerd

Put it in my belly, especially if it's smelly.
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