Talking dirty, looking pretty

Hard case when you take the kids to be thrilled by the new @Auckland_Museum exhibits, and it’s my nephew that thrills himself with his own exhibit – a wart on his left palm seen under their electronic microscope.  It was really cool – and gross – and blew his mind. “We should visit the cheesy landscapes” I said. The penny had dropped and more input was needed, to maintain my cool uncle street cred I had work to do…



Fortunately, the images @sciencephoto are literally a one stop shop of micro cheesy wonder, they are incredible, a MUST SEE!

@thisischristina took some amazing pictures of Microbial Landscapes too, I like the Penicillium paintbrush picture.

With a different spin, Rachel Dutton PhD isolated microbes from cheese rinds and grew them on petri dishes – her pictures via @culturecheese

All very cool. Beware the phage! Buy the shirt? 


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