Ready to roll?

Life’s a whole long journey boy,  before you grow to old, don’t miss the opportunity to strike a little gold… a South Island cheese roll.

This regional specialty is a South Island treasure; and as such these cheesy treats have their own appreciation societydocumentary and champion cheese roll roller. With this demand they’re available ready made in southern supermarkets, have helped with heaps of school fundraisers, and made the Little Hut Café and assorted cheese roll eateries famous since ages ago… in the South Island.

Cross the Cook Strait and the regionalty kicks in – an island that enjoys assorted grilled cheese as much as the south, but not presented in the South Island cheese roll format. A case of too many grilled panini on the dance floor.

A while back I heard of a cricket club in Auckland that offered South Island cheese rolls on their menu, a blasphemy I thought, given some of the reaction of the forums. Is it time to begin to colonise my little piece of Whangapoaraoa with the recipe, are we ready to roll?!


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Put it in my belly, especially if it's smelly.
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