Cheers and beers

Tis the season to be Beery. I fancy a pint of old faces, beer geeks and brewers we used to hang out with, before we returned to beautiful geographically challenged NZ. Years gone by it was the almighty @gbbf and the UK’s spawn of festivals. Back home, it’s my first experience of @BeervanaNZ along with new faces and friends.

@belglish & I were lucky to make a friend in John Hatch. Amazingly he let us brew with him too, in the oldest commercial brewery in the UK – The Ram Brewery (formerly the original Young’s Brewery in Wandsworth). Our brewing activity was then recorded in the brewing book, which dates back to 1512! It was a pale ale, 13.5 hops per pint, with an ABV 4.5%, a Wednesday 24 June 2009.

John built his microbrewery, recycling materials reclaimed from the closure of the commercial brewery in September 2006. John plans to brew here until the redevelopment and refurbishment of the original commercial brewery, a beautiful victorian steam powered, grade 2 listed brewery. John is singly-handedly maintaining the brewing legacy of the site, and thanks to John and a team of supporters, it continues to be the oldest brewing site in England.

We had the tasting on the 16 July 2009… ahead of International Brewers Day on July 18. We named it Feeling Pale Ale, as John had fought off the nights excess when brewing that day.  My lovely @CustardSquare brewed a couple of times with John too, one of the first women to do so on that site in over 500 years!

We had a heap of parties – with a heap of cheese – in the brewery tasting room, and helped contribute a goodly bunch of donations so John could continue his brewing work. It’s beery time’s like these, I’d like to have a pint or three with missed beer mates like John Hatch. Incentive to make more beer friends I guess eh. Cheers and beers John Hatch!


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  1. Mike says:

    Thems were indeed the days…..

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