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Ground control to Major Rance

‘If human perfection truly springs from the happy coincidence of duty with pleasure, then good cheese can make momentary paragons of us all.’ Pay homage to fromage, click on the Major below for @BBCFood mp3    

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Ready to roll?

Life’s a whole long journey boy,  before you grow to old, don’t miss the opportunity to strike a little gold… a South Island cheese roll. This regional specialty is a South Island treasure; and as such these cheesy treats have their own appreciation … Continue reading

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Cheese Rhapsody

 Cheese Rhapsody (To the tune of bohemian rhapsody, courtesy of Brian Grady, Leeds, Uk) This is a cheese slice This is just plastic cheese I don’t think it’s nice I want another variety Toasted or fried Or just on the … Continue reading

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Cheers and beers

Tis the season to be Beery. I fancy a pint of old faces, beer geeks and brewers we used to hang out with, before we returned to beautiful geographically challenged NZ. Years gone by it was the almighty @gbbf and the UK’s spawn of … Continue reading

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