NZ Cheese Taonga

Libraries eh, I visit with regular frequency for a fix. Be cool to be on a first name basis with my librarians and visa versa. I’ve yet to achive this, having recently returned home. Shouldn’t be too long to acquaint myself, I’ve a heap of kiwi cheese material eyed for consumption from the UK.

Of all the kiwi cheesy literary narcotics, it was a little book printed in 1883 that got me really buzzed.  The manufacture of cheese, butter and bacon in New Zealand from the @Auckland_Libs Central City Special Collections, read on a little pillow while wearing gloves, a VIP taonga of New Zealand dairy history. If you can, go check it out, tell them CurdNerd sent you, they might know my name? 

The work of early dairy guru Professor John Prince Sheldon is in there too. He visited New Zealand and gave lectures on cheesemaking, grading and judging, of which he had an interesting scale…

Do check out Professor Sheldon’s Dairying for your next fix, tasty it is!


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