Prince Canna and Hanfkäse – Hemp Cheese

Revalation 22:2 ” the river of life proceeded to flow from the throne of God, and on either side of the bank there was the tree of life, and the leaf from that tree is for the healing of the nations”

A healing of the nations cheese? Brilliant! Even though they say hemp can’t get you high, I’m all for positive thinking. And the leaf looks cool eh. I’m in.

When I was at last years Bra Slow Cheese Festival  I read an article in La Stampa over breakfast: “Arriva dalla Svizzera ed e legale: il primo formaggio al profumo di marijuana.” Swiss mountain hemp cheese, I had to find it, the healing of the nation was at stake.

Sadly, the Swiss Cheese Marketing stand were neither impressed with my enthusiasm for their cannabis contribution to the festival, nor were they willing to help me find its whereabouts. They suggested it was a joke. Fair enough, alot of things are funny when your stoned. So we had a few beers, as you do, and a few more, and called on The Cheese Angel, which lead us to the hemp cheese…

Awkward trying to chat about it with the monger, my Italian or Swiss/German language skills are crap. I managed to get it is a mountain cheese made at 1000m, with hemp seeds in it marketed as Hanfkäse/Tommet Di Cannabis. I promptly bought one, after taking a tasty hit. I had not considered whether this cheese would present any problems returning it to the UK, as my wife @CustardSquare pointed out – she was not impressed with the purchase, so I hastily returned it, the healing of the nation put on hold. Controversial indeed. I felt a bit stoned though, psychosomatic?

‘Once you’ve discovered Prince Canna you will not be able to resist it’



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