Moose Cheese, it’s nice?

“Well, somebody’s gonna have to start talking about these things.” Bullwinkle.

A moose is in milk for 5 months of the year. She will produce up to a 4.5 litres of milk per day – containing 12% fat and 12% protein. Precious stuff, especially as it takes up to two hours to milk her, by hand… Refrigerate until volume in supply for making enough curd. Stagger cheese making to 3 sessions during the season. Mature a modest annual yield of moose cheese. Find a market that is prepared to pay handsomely. 

 Except for the Kostroma Moose Farm in Russsia (a non cheese making moose dairy, however they do supply moose milk for medicinal purposes) there is ONLY ONE moose farm in the business of making moose cheese, in Sweden. 

Christer & Ulla Johansson make moose cheese. Inspired by the work of Kostroma Moose Farm, the Johansson’s developed their own moose dairy Älgens Hus, milking the friendly local moose population . No one else was doing it, and perhaps for good reason?

I really hope moose cheese tastes awesome to justify its necessary price tag. Call me lazy (cause I am), that’s a lot of time and cost to produce a limited supply of cheese. A niche market indeed, and not to be confused with Billinge cheese (it’s not a moose cheese) and their cool cheesy moose commercials: 

I’m shooting blind here writing about a such an elusive costly rare cheese. I’m keeping the faith for a NZ made moose cheese… they’re knocking about Fiordland somewhere, I hope moose say ‘Cheese’ real soon for Ken Tustin he deserves it most!



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