Good things take time eh.

My friends Sarah & Martin of Canterbury Cheesemongers have imported the first unpasteurised British farm cheeses available for sale in New Zealand: Gorwydd Caerphilly & Appleby’s Cheshire

A small step for cheese, a giant leap for New Zealand cheesekind, and all in the midst of an earthquake too. Legends. Mucho #CheeseSolidarity.

About 8 months ago I was fortunate to visit the Applebys at their Hawkestone Abbey Farm, near Whitchurch, Shropshire (right on the Cheshire border). The Neals Yard Dairy team & I enjoyed a sociable evening with the Appleby family, followed by a full day on the farm and dairy.  Head Cheesemaker Garry Gray showed us the traditional unpasteurised cheese making process from start to finish. My working the curd (pic below) is hard days work at the office.

[Video I took of Garry and his team milling the curd with a peg mill and filling Cheshire moulds.]

We ended the visit with a cheese tasting of Appleby’s Cheshire, Appleby’s Smoked and Appleby’s Double Gloucester; tasting cheese of varying levels of maturity, made with different starter cultures.

The news of new New Zealand legislation regarding NZ produced and imported raw milk cheeses where a big talking point over the Appleby’s family kitchen table. We were all excited about Appleby’s Cheshire arriving in NZ, and the potential for kiwi cheesemakers to get their unpasteurised freak on.

It’s true, good things take time eh.


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